Lavaash inspires with beauty and blended flavours

A cuisine of Kolkata origin but has Armenian influences? Chef Saby indeed knows how to blend his inspirations with his exciting childhood days. Lavaash by Saby captures his intriguing culinary memoir in a stunning space, tucked in Ambawatta One, Mehrauli. The aesthetically placed bright Kantha chairs, charming peacock motifs set against the blue and white hues of the decor, all make the interiors truly mesmerizing and much more than just being beautiful. It was surely a great choice when we visited this charming place for our anniversary.

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The incredible menu attempts to connect the chef’s life journey in Kolkata, while he fondly mentions his childhood memories associated with it. Also the dishes closely reveal his interactions with the Armenian community. As the tossing of Bengali and Armenian flavours intrigued us, the artistic skills and earthy wisdom of the chef, showed in the way the dishes were presented in earthen pots or on a sleek luxe platter.

The must haves included many satiating options which were also a feast to the eyes.  Tolma not dolma  is a traditional Armenian tolma (cooked by their mothers as the folklore goes) which was offered in two variants Parbal Tolma for vegetarians and Prawn tolma, a pleasant surprise for sea food enthusiasts. Mushroom Manti and Lavaash fish were both extremely delightful too.

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While I couldn’t stop loving my red wine sangria, Rajneesh digged into  Mutton Rezala or Childhood on my plate as the menu said, a fragrant mutton in a yoghurt stew, a Bengali feast to the soul. Orange Pound Cake served with a scoop of Nolen Gur Ice Cream was heaven on earth and is a must try for any dessert lover. It seemed the team is truly passionate about every platter, and it’s there attention to detail which makes the experience stay with you and keep you longing to pay a visit again.



Our afternoon ended with a sinful and sweet surprise and as delectable as it could get. The team delighted us with a slice of jaggery cake topped with chocolate syrup and cherries, wishing us on the occasion. What more we could have asked for. Just magical !!!!

Truly, a splendid time in this quaint space with host of curated recipes by Chef Saby, left us asking for more. Try it to relish it.

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